48cu and 68cu Air/Co2 tank covers

woodland camo

Deniable-Ops tank covers are perfect for protecting the outer surface of your 20oz Co2 tank or compressed air cylinder.


Made from high quality neoprene material, the covers for a physical barrier between your tank and the ground, stones, trees or whatever else id likely to scratch and gouge the outer skin of your air or Co2 system.


The reason it is so important to keep your tank in good condition is because once every five years your tank has to have its integrity tested both inside and outside. If the outside of your tank shows signs of damage then there is a high likelihood that it will fail the test and you'll be faced with the expense of replacing it. The den-Ops tank cover will help guard against that happening.


The fabric stretches well and this means that one standard sized cover will fit 20oz Co2 tanks and 48cu 3k Air tanks as well as 68 4.5k air systems also.


Den-Ops tank covers come in Tactical Black, Digicam, US Woodland and Leaf Camo (not shown).


                  RRP £11.95