Deniable-Ops 4+1 De-Lux Tank harness

Like the Deniable-Ops 4+1 RECON Tankholder Pack, the 4+1 DE-LUX Paintball Harness is made from heavy duty nylon material. Double stitching and high quality velcro means that these packs will stand up to the heaviest punishment and conditions. The DE-LUX is built to carry 20oz Co2 tanks, 0.8ltr (48ci), 1.1ltr (68ci) or 1.5ltr (88ci) compressed air cylinders along with 4 x 140 or 100 shot pots. A strong front velcro fastened belt locks it tight around your waist and tank retainer straps secure your air or co2 bottle. Crossed elastic pot ejectors mean a fast reload even in the hottest firefights.

RRP - £29.95