deniable-ops products

At Deniable-Ops we make high quality gear built to cope with heavy use on paintball fields the world over.

We understand how rugged terrain effects the performance of your gear. With that in mind we use only the best and mmost durable cordura fabrics and heavy duty 'rip stop' strapping. We double stitch and reinforce the edging to make sure wherever you go and whatever you do, your Deniable-Ops gear will get you through to the end!

designed with the player in mind..


Developed by paintball players, for paintball players, Deniable-Ops equipment has been created with comfort and performance as a priority.


Speed of use and reliability have always been the primary concern of our design team and with over 25 years in the industry you can be sure that they know what they are doing. Camouflage patterns have been selected with concealment in mind and materials carefully chosen for maximum comfort and range of movement.


With Deniable-Ops products we guarantee you'll hit more targets because you will be able to concentrate fully on your game without worrying if your kit is going to perform properly.


Deniable-Ops - Taking the fight to the enemy!