deniable-ops tactical gloves

Deniable-Ops have created a range of tactical gloves that address the different requirements of modern day paintball and airsoft. From lightweight neoprene general purpose gloves to flexible tactical armour backed gloves to guard against those nasty knuckle hits. You can be sure that whatever style of gaming you decide to undertake Deniable-Ops will have the gloves for the job.

The Deniable-Ops Close Contact Armoured Tactical Gloves are all about protection.


The heavy duty polymer moulded back armour gives the wearer full impact protection from the wrist to the tip of each finger. The clever moulding design has hinge point which allows the hand to move freely without reducing protection at all.


The soft leather effect inner allows the wearer to maintain touch and feel while givin tough protection against brambles and undergrowth.




  • Heavy duty back hand armoured protection.

  • Elasticated wrap-around logo wrist strap.

  • Soft leather effect inner material.


RRP - £12.95


Tactical gloves

SPEARHEAD Tactical gloves

Deniable-Ops Spearhead Tactical Gloves are perfect for all types of field operation.

Heavily armoured knuckles and rear padding make these gloves some of the most protective available while still maintaining excellent flexibility.

The inside face of the gloves, palmside, is constructed of soft leather with ant slip and padded panels for high feel and maximum grip and trigger feel.

There is a handy pull strap on the inside wrist for easy fitting and a wraparound wrist lock strap with velcro fastening to secure everything up tight.

Constructed with stretch panelling to make sure you always have full movement.




  • Heavy duty back hand and knuckle armoured protection.

  • Elasticated wrap-around logo wrist strap.

  • Soft leather inner material with anti-slip and padded panels.


RRP - £19.95