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CKSN Polaris 2 Vest Black

CKSN Polaris 2 Vest Black

CKSN Polaris 2 Vest BlackCKSN Polaris 2 Vest Black

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CKSN Polaris 2 Vest Black.

The Polaris 2 Country Vest can carry loads of gear and lets you go for those long haul mobile outdoor trips.

The Polaris 2 Vest performs equally well when carrying gear for Fishing, Metal Detecting, Hunting, Shooting, Wildlife Photography or Birding .

With your equipment stowed and your hands free, this harness allows you to access all those out of the way locations when toolboxes and bags would just get in the way and slow you down.

This vest is perfect for river fishing, multi-swim lake fishing, wildfowling and any other wetland, woodland or country activity. It's great for carrying tools for Metal Detecting Digs and stashing those historic and hopefully valuable finds.


* Black mesh ventilated base.

* Heavy Duty Nylon Material.

* 4 x Small Velcro Fastened Pockets and Pouches.

* 2 x Large Front Zip Fastened Pouches (8"W x 7.5"H x 2"D)

* Integral Backpack with Extra Large Lower Pouch.

* Rear Pouch Collapse Straps.

* Heavy Duty Zipped Front Fastening.

* 4 Internal Mesh Stash Pockets (2 Large, 2 Small).

* Multiple External Mesh Stash Pouches.

* Speed Lock Adjustable Side Straps (Adjusts up to 58-60" Waist)

* Adjustable Shoulder Straps.

* Stacks of room for gear, bait, flask, food.

* One size with fully adjustable waist and shoulders out to 55" Waist/Chest.

Tackle, Rig/Sit Mat and Flask not included.

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